Exposing the War on Drugs

Feed By: Phil Bromley
Subtitle: Ending Prohibition
Summary: The on-going War on Drugs, initiated by the US back in the early 1900s, has seen its day. As countries like Portugal and Switzerland treat drug issues successfully as HEALTH issues instead of CRIMINAL ones, the writing is on the wall that the war is ending. Yet Australia is still in denial, believing propaganda from the 30s and strangely ignoring present-day successes without prohibition. This series attempts to inform the listener of the truth; how the propaganda started and succeeded and how we can put and end to the War on Drugs that has harmed many more than helped.
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Title: Exposing the War on Drugs pilot
Author: Phil Bromley & Peter Miller
Subtitle: A short history of Cannabis
Summary: Pilot program for our grant application with the CBF
Published: Tue, 23 Jan 2018 4:51 PM
Duration: 5:21
Download: WarOnDrugsPilot+Mixdown.mp3