The Hemp Hour

Feed By: Bob, MIchael & The Godess
Subtitle: Championing the use of Hemp in all its manifestations; industrial, medicinal & recreational.
Summary: A weekly review of the on-going effort to see marijuana accepted and used medicinally,as well as recreationally including regular updates on the fight to allow human consumption of the seed & oil. And a caution... some of the insanity is contagious.
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Title: Matt Stillert Live
Author: Bob
Subtitle: Four Diggers
Summary: While in the studio talking up an upcoming local gig, Matt pulled out his guitar and ripped out an acoustic version of his latest single, Four Diggers
Published: Fri, 4 Sep 2015 2:33 PM
Duration: 3:39
Download: Matt Stillert.mp3
Title: Big Volcano
Author: Bob
Subtitle: Live In the studio @ Mardi Grass
Summary: It was Mardi Grass and it was crazy! Besides 2 presenters (The Goddess & myself) I had 3 guests... Abe & Matt from Colorado and Hudson from Bay Fm (99.9 - almost perfect). AND I"d organized a 2 piece band to pop in and do a couple of songs, thinking '2 blokes with guitars or maybe a snare, we"ll squeeze them in." Ha! The rest is history. And not once did I get their name right. Sorry lads.
Published: Fri, 15 May 2015 3:03 PM
Duration: 13:04
Download: Big Volcano1.mp3