Bent Air

Feed By: Christian Vega
Subtitle: Tasmania's only LGBTIQ Community Radio Program
Summary: Bent Air explores the world from a LGBTIQ perspective. Bringing together the voices of our community, Bent Air discusses issues that affect us. We strive to challenge the stigma and discrimination faced by people of diverse sex, sexuality, and gender, and provide a connection to the broader Tasmanian community. We feature news and interviews, looking at issues as they come up and events as they happen. The program will also be an opportunity to broadcast positive, health promoting messages regarding sexual and reproductive health and the prevention of blood borne viruses. This is a collaborative community initiative by the Tasmanian Council on AIDS, Hepatitis and Related Diseases (TasCAHRD) and other community organisations
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Title: Social Isolation experienced by HIV+ People
Summary: Tracey talks about the care and support program's response to the social isolation many of the program's service users experience.
Published: Wed, 21 Jan 2015 5:45 PM
Duration: 6:13
Download: C&S Social Isolation.mp3
Title: Bent Air
Author: Christian Vega
Subtitle: Time To Test Campaign
Summary: Christian & Tracey talk about the Time To Test Campaign
Published: Mon, 19 Jan 2015 4:13 PM
Duration: 5:10
Download: Time to test podcast 1 Mixdown 3.mp3
Title: TasCAHRD's HIV Care & Support Program
Author: Christian Vega
Subtitle: Tracey tells us about her new role as the Care and Support Officer at TasCAHRD
Summary: HIV Care and Support Program TasCAHRD has been providing care and support for people living with HIV for over 25 years. Support is also provided for the partners, family and cares of people living with HIV. The Care and Support Officer works with individuals to identify their specific needs and goals and in turn supports the person to meet these needs. This may include working with other services to best meet the needs and ensure the best possible quality of life. The HIV Care and Support Program also engages with people living with HIV to promote peer support and interaction through creating opportunities for people to come together in a safe environment. The Care and Support Officer may also support people living with HIV to access financial assistance from the Andrew Shaw Foundation. For more information please call on 1800 005 900 / 03 6234 1242
Published: Wed, 14 Jan 2015 5:03 PM
Duration: 9:58
Download: Care & Support Podcast_mixdown.mp3