Life: What's In It For Me?

Feed By: Paul Sherry
Subtitle: Jess, Steve and special guests
Summary: How can mindfulness, philosophy and life help us be happy and free? Life, what's in it for me? is a one hour live and living radio program that's appearing weekly on The Pulse 94.7 FM - on Thursday afternoons from 1 – 2pm. The show gives its listeners (or listener!) some really practical life lessons from life itself, mindfulness, philosophy, religion, psychology, healing traditions (ancient and modern) and even pop culture. The show is based on many public domain knowledge bases such as the works of some of the world's most profound and profoundly useful thinkers, and non-thinkers, and also on Stephen McKenzie's recently published Mindfulness at Work, and Mindfulness for Life. Life, what's in it for me? includes songs, a weekly great lover (of wisdom), discussions, interviews, and interested and interesting guests talking about a wide variety of paths to how we can be happy and free. You can tell us about what you like about the show or would like to like about it by emailing us on:
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