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Summary: News and discussion about the community broadcasting sector.
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Title: Codes of Practice CSA
Author: CBAA
Published: Mon, 7 Aug 2017 11:11 AM
Duration: 0:30
Download: Codes CSA 1.MP3
Title: Ep 27 - What's the buzz? The CBAA Podcast
Author: CBAA
Subtitle: The theme of the episode is the SIZE of the sector
Summary: -The 2013 Station Census and 2014 National Listener Survey -How to source a UPS for your station -An interview with Jo Curtin of the CBF about the AMARC Conference -Accessing grants
Published: Wed, 26 Mar 2014 12:47 PM
Duration: 38:33
Download: CBAA_Podcast_28.mp3
Title: Ep 26 - What's the buzz? The CBAA Podcast
Author: CBAA
Subtitle: CBAA Podcast Ep 26
Summary: 00.00 - Intro 00.35 - GREAT interview with Michelle Rowland MP! 06.55 - Audience Research and headlines from the STATION CENSUS!!!!! 13.53 - Chris Johnson from Amrap talking about how they work with the Aust music sector 23.25 - John tackles the question "I want to upgrade the studio, where do I start?" 31.45 - Claire from the CBF talks us through the latest round of grants 39.10 - It's a wrap - until 2014
Published: Wed, 11 Dec 2013 4:52 PM
Duration: 39:51
Download: CBAAPOD_26_20131211.mp3
Title: Ep 25 - What's the buzz? The CBAA Podcast
Author: CBAA
Subtitle: CBAA Podcast Ep 25
Summary: CBAA Podcast "What's the Buzz" Ep 25 00.00 Intro 00.30 Methods and madness? The National Listener Survey 2013!!!! 09.35 November edition of CBX, station celebrations, NITV and more 12.30 Jon Bisset, CBAA GM, discuss member research and how you can have your say 20.50 CBF grants and the new CBAA Grants Calendar - subscribe to it now 25.45 Credits and thanks
Published: Wed, 13 Nov 2013 4:32 PM
Duration: 26:57
Download: CBAAPODCAST_25_20131113.mp3
Title: Ep 24 - What's the buzz? The CBAA Podcast
Author: CBAA
Subtitle: CBAA Podcast Ep 24
Summary: Visits to ROX FM, Gulf FM, Trax FM, Life FM, 2QBN and others! Meet the broadcasters at Grants and the CBAA Grants Calendar The next CBAA/CMTO webinar - Radiothons for small stations with Conrad Browne from JOY949 and Tony from Eastside Radio Election advertising and the CRN election coverage National Conference - early bird specials still available and an update on the conference format
Published: Wed, 4 Sep 2013 2:04 PM
Duration: 14:36
Download: CBAAPOD_24_20130904.mp3
Title: Ep 23 - What's the buzz? the CBAA Podcast - REALLY THIS TIME!!!!!
Author: CBAA
Subtitle: CBAA Podcast Ep 23a
Summary: 00.00 - Welcome to Episode 23 00.45 - Erin Turner - CBAA Federal Election Campaign - what to expect!!! 05.00 - Chris Yates - what's in the next CBX magazine? 08.45 - Claire Stuchberry - from 3APL, to 3PBS, to 4 People Media, to the CBF, Claire talks about CBF grants available now including Content Development Grants and Indigenous Program Grants and some good pointers on how to apply. 20.15 - What's happening with the CBOnline Project, Station Census, extended to 18th August, and a new web site for the CBOnline Project up and running and CMTO/CBAA webinars. 25.10 - The SMPTE Conference, John's great findings for radio! watch the video at 32.08 - Update from Amy on the recent SACBA Confernce and upcoming station visits and a reminder about the early bird registrations for the CBAA Conference in November and how the content is being developed. 36.50 - Credits and thanks
Published: Thu, 22 Aug 2013 10:09 AM
Duration: 37:35
Download: CBAAPOD_23_20130808.mp3
Title: CBAA Podcast "What's the buzz" Ep 22
Author: CBAA
Subtitle: CBAA Podcast Ep 22
Summary: CBAA Podcast "What's the buzz?" 28.17 00.00 - Welcome 00.35 - Digital Funding Announced. Jon Bisset GM of the CBAA interviewed regarding the $6 million funding reinstatement, what does it mean and what's next? Do politicians understand where radio is heading? What's it meant to the sector as a whole, even those not on digital. 10.10 - Commit to Community Radio - thanks to all who supported the campaign. 13.05 - National Listener Survey and Station Census updates. 15.00 - Dispute Resolution/Conflict Resolution/Grievance Prodedures? - What's all about? How to get assistance? 23.00 - CBAA and CMTO Webinars - join in! 25.50 - The Stefan Kruger Scholarship 27.20 - Thanks again to all those who supported the Commit to Community Radio campaign
Published: Mon, 8 Jul 2013 5:23 PM
Duration: 28:17
Download: CBAAPOD_22_20130708.mp3
Title: CBAA Podcast "What's the buzz" Ep 21
Author: CBAA
Subtitle: CBAA Podcast Ep 21
Summary: 00.00-04.12 Welcome and an interview with Erin Turner CBAA Campaign Coordinator in the lead up to the federal election 04.12-07.45 Radiothon and messaging 07.45-10. 52 Webinair series - starts June 19 10.52- 13.45 CBAA Award entries now open 13.45-16.45 Technorama conference - register NOW 16.45- 18.05 Update on PPCA and CRA case 18.05- 27.56 Sector research, the NLS (Audience measurement) is now twice yearly, the Station Census is in the field now, and what is SROI? 27.56 -31.10 Good things to listen to - How Sound, how to make a show about a sound you can't hear, and Long Story Short episode when John met Jenny 31.10-32.03 Thanks and credits
Published: Wed, 12 Jun 2013 11:42 AM
Duration: 32:03
Download: CBAAPOD_21_20130612.mp3
Title: CBAA Podcast "What's the buzz" Ep 20
Author: CBAA
Subtitle: CBAA Podcast Ep 20
Summary: 00.00-00.30 Welcome 00.30-13.00 Jo Curtin, CBF Snr Grants Administrator, discusses the CBF's new Strategic Plan "how they do what they do and why the do what they do" and the process they used to develop it. 13.00-17.45 Fundraising - consider a bequest program for your station! 17.45-22.25 TEDxSydney - digital archives and born digital documents. What do we do with the radio we make? What about the National Film and Sound Archives? 22.25-25.05 The Federal Elections on it's way - how can I find out what I am allowed to broadcast? 25.05-31.00 CBAA National Conference - Nov 14-17 The Menzies Hotel, Sydney CBD (first time in 20 years?) Technorama Conference - Aug 9-11 Chatswood Sydney - what's it all about? 31.00-31.38 Farewells
Published: Tue, 14 May 2013 3:22 PM
Duration: 31:38
Download: CBAAPOD_20 _20130513.mp3
Title: CBXpod Ep 19
Author: CBAA
Subtitle: CBAA Podcast Ep 19
Summary: CBAA Podcast Ep 19 23.48 00.00 Intro 00.50 Thinking about a Content Development Grant? We talk to Jon King from the CBF about the Grants and how to apply 08.53 Emma Couch - joins us to talk about what's in the latest CBX Magazine. 12.00 Station Census - it's on it's way!!!! Start gathering information!!!!! 13.52 Digital Radio Campaign update - keep on clicking!!!! 16.15 CRA and Regional Digital Radio - Jon Bisset, GM CBAA comments on this development 18.15 Where do you find information about broadcasting? LinkedIn? Facebook? RadioInfo? 23.00 Goodbyes and contact details
Published: Tue, 16 Apr 2013 4:58 PM
Duration: 23:48
Download: CBAA_Podcast_19_20130415.mp3
Title: CBXpod Ep 18
Author: CBAA
Subtitle: CBAA Podcast - Episode 18
Summary: Join Amy Moon, John Maizels and Stephen Hahn for updates on: The Station Census and what's next in regards to Audience Research. Author Christos Tsiolkas (The Slap/Dead Europe) on why community radio is important to him (thanks to 3RRR). Alex White on the Digital Radio campaign and what happened on the National Day Of Action. Gotye (Wally De Backer) on why community radio needs a digital future (thanks to 3RRR). CBF Grants. Jon Bisset - new GM at the CBAA, one month in, observations and priorities. Dates to remember. Farewells.
Published: Wed, 20 Mar 2013 10:49 AM
Duration: 32:01
Download: CBAAPOD_18_20130319.mp3
Title: CBXpod Ep 17
Author: CBAA
Subtitle: CBAA Podcast - Episode 17
Summary: Amrap funding update. Digital Radio funding - Commit to Community Radio. World Radio Day. Outside Broadcasts - Tamworth Country Music Festival and the Yabun Festival. Grant opportunities. Anniversaries and Australia day awards. Farewell to outgoing GM Kath Letch and welcome to new GM Jon Bisset
Published: Tue, 5 Feb 2013 5:18 PM
Duration: 25:30
Download: CBAAPodcast_17_20130105.mp3
Title: CBXpod Ep 16
Author: CBAA
Subtitle: CBAA Podcast - Episode 16
Summary: 00.00-00.015 Welcome and introductions ends 00.015- 06.30 World first - Alex White talks about Radio with Pictures at the Graphic Festival (Sydney Opera House) - 06.30-13.00 CBAA National Conference review 13.00-22.20 Joel Carnegie 3MBS 22.20-28.05 Rebekah Lowe Winner of Outstanding Small Station 5THE 28.05- 39.30 Philip Shine - Manager, Digital Radio Project 39.30- 46.30 Amy Moon and Tangi Steen (NEMBC President) discover the NEMBC Conference and the CBAA Conference. 46.30- 47.30 Farewell and thank you!
Published: Thu, 13 Dec 2012 12:42 PM
Duration: 47:54
Download: CBAAPod_16_20121212.mp3
Title: CBXpod Ep 15
Author: CBAA
Subtitle: CBAA Podcast - Episode 15
Summary: Podcast This episode: Forums You should listen to TWIRT! What's wrong with your stream? Ad insertion, pre-roll advertising, levels - annoying? Chris Yates tells us what's in the CBX magazine? Nicola Joseph runs us through the CMTO's AudioLab and discuss resources for local radio makers. An update on the NLS 2012.
Published: Tue, 13 Nov 2012 4:20 PM
Duration: 34:53
Download: CBAAPOD_15_20121112.mp3
Title: CBXpod Ep 14
Author: CBAA
Subtitle: CBAA Podcast - Episode 14
Summary: In this episode we cover: What's in the forums? Provide an update on the National Listener Survey. Kath Letch, the GM of the CBAA, talks about sector funding. Danny Chifley gives us a run down on the upcoming CBAA conference. Alex White explains what will happen in the Media Lab at conference. And John and Stephen discuss the How Sound podcast.
Published: Thu, 18 Oct 2012 10:28 AM
Duration: 44:21
Download: CBAAPOD_14_20121017.mp3
Title: CBXpod Ep 13
Author: CBAA
Subtitle: CBAA Podcast - Episode 13
Summary: CBAA Podcast Ep 13 (00.00-00.50) Intro's (00.50-11.20) Forums, What's the ideal on-air announcers mic? Be part of the Governance Process at your station? Soundcards? (11.20-17.26) Audience Research. Become part of the brains trust? (17.30-22.00) CBX Magazine. Key articles and lends us your voice for a podcast of the mag? (22.00-33.05) Seth Jordan interview. Seth Jordan, the CBAA's Content Services Manager chats about the CRN, CDF and programming (33.05-35.45) Grants CBF and other (35.45 -37.43) CBAA National Conference. Key dates and reminders.
Published: Tue, 4 Sep 2012 12:56 PM
Duration: 37:42
Download: CBAAPOD_13_20120903.mp3
Title: CBXpod Ep 12
Author: CBAA
Subtitle: CBAA Podcast
Summary: In this episode John, Stephen and Amy talk Technorama and the CBAA Forums, as well as interviews with Giordy from the CMTO and Georgie from the CBF.
Published: Wed, 15 Aug 2012 9:34 AM
Duration: 34:22
Download: CBAAPOD_12_20120808.mp3
Title: CBXpod Ep 11
Author: CBAA
Subtitle: CBAA Podcast
Summary: The Podcast Ep 11 00.00 - Introductions 01.00 - from the forums - a robust on-air discussion on station formats and servicing the community of interest, and Pathways Programming 08.45 - from the forums - radio automation software - 12.10 - from the forums - MP3 sampling, what is a codec? 16.10 - from the forums - APRA/AMCOS lic agreement and the PPCA/CRA Highcourt finding 19.20 - interview with David Sheils - Dir. Broadcast and Online - APRA/AMCOS 21.30 - what's on at Technorama/ 24.50 - The CBAA Annual Conference - get your workshop and award entries in 25.50 - the CBOnline Project, NLS, media. and Radio2.0 blog 29.55 - Codes of Practice, stage 2 review and feedback process 32.25 - Walkley Award Wining radio from All the Best/FBi 33.20 - wrap up and farewells.
Published: Tue, 10 Jul 2012 4:03 PM
Duration: 34:53
Download: CBAAPOD_11_20120710.mp3
Title: CBXpod Ep 10
Author: CBAA
Subtitle: CBAA Podcast
Summary: 0.00-04.53 Intro, forums, updates. 04.54-12.42 Nick Basset - JOY 94.9 talks SMS and Twitter. 12.42-26.38 Recent Conferences; CMA - interesting research, Connecting UP - tech & NFP's, APRA Song Summit - copyright and collections. 26.40-37.00 Upcoming conferences; Techonrama (and a discussion on WH&S), SACBA, CBAA National Confernece - ACCESS ALL AREAS. 37.00-38.10 Adrian Basso CBAA President - Budget update. 38.10-39.40 Reminders, farewells and people to thank.
Published: Tue, 5 Jun 2012 12:16 PM
Duration: 39:40
Download: CBAAPOD_10_20120531.MP3
Title: CBXpod Ep 9
Author: CBAA
Subtitle: CBAA Podcast
Summary: 00.00-00.45 Hello and welcome! 00.45-04.28 Forum posts - streaming/broadcast panels 04.30-10.52 - Station Census - key findings 10.55- 29.29 In depth interview with Matt Balogh about the upcoming National Listener Survey 29.30-32.47 What's in the CBX mag? Grant opportunities, Online Grants, APPLY NOW! 33.25-34.13 Reminders and farewell until next time
Published: Tue, 1 May 2012 8:53 AM
Duration: 34:13
Download: CBAAPOD_09_20120426.mp3
Title: CBXpod Ep 8
Author: CBAA
Subtitle: The CBAA Podcast
Summary: John Maizels and Stephen Hahn cover - 1. CBF Grant closing dates. 2. From the forums - to minisdisc or not! - MP3's and quality control - - Technorama - details. 3. Martin Walters, Satellite Operations Coordinator joins is for a good discussion on the CRN service and what it provides, from the sustaining service to the DDN+ system. 4. Accessing the Broadcasting Australia conference materials 5. Reminders and the upcoming CMA (Christian Media Association conference)
Published: Thu, 29 Mar 2012 4:26 PM
Duration: 24:24
Download: CBAAPOD_08_20120328.mp3
Title: CBXpod Ep 7
Author: CBAA
Summary: John and Stephen talk about the recent Australian Broadcasting Summit. Jon King, from the CBF, joins us to discuss Amrap and CBOnline grants. Jon gives us examples of what's received funding in previous rounds and some pointers for successful applications. John points out some bargains that you can use in your studio and we do a quick sweep through the forums.
Published: Wed, 7 Mar 2012 10:35 AM
Duration: 20:40
Download: CBAAPOD_201202305.mp3
Title: CBXpod Ep 6
Author: CBAA
Summary: Amy, John and Stephen review the forums. 1. SMS and audience input. 2. Some advice on giving constructive programming feedback. We are also joined by Jo Curtin, Senior Grants Administrator at the CBF to discuss - i. Small Equip Grants for stations with less than $100k income ii. Transmission Subs Grants iii. General Station Grants iv. Content Development Fund v. The new SmartyGrants system. We then discuss the upcoming National Listener Survey and what to do with complaints and breaches! Enjoy!
Published: Tue, 21 Feb 2012 10:27 AM
Duration: 27:35
Download: CBAAPOD_Ep6.mp3
Title: CBXpod Ep 5
Author: CBAA
Summary: A jammed packed episode. Kim Wilkinson and Stephen Wilkinson from Hope/Inspire Digital join us to discuss their digital service and the tech requirements behind the scenes. Alex White from the DRP runs us through some of the other innovative digital broadcasting happening across Australia. We touch on the Technorama conference and John asks Stephen W what he thought of the last one. We also chat to John Goslino from Audience Dialogue about how to start audience surveying at your station.
Published: Tue, 14 Feb 2012 4:35 PM
Duration: 43:30
Download: CBXPOD_05_20120214.mp3
Title: CBXpod Ep 4
Author: CBAA
Summary: In this episode - we revisit the RDS discussion, DIAL - the sectors iPhone App, the new CBOnline website and the Radio 2.0 blog, Alex White from the Digital Radio Project joins us to discuss the project and content on digital radio David Sice, the CBAA's Technical Consultant goes in-depth about digital radio planning! Next episode we cover "What to do about a breach" John Goslino from Audience Dialogue will join us to discuss what you can do to measure success and audiences numbers at your station.
Published: Fri, 27 Jan 2012 12:28 PM
Duration: 35:50
Download: CBXPOD_04.mp3
Title: CBXpod Ep 3
Author: CBAA
Summary: In this episode - How is the Station Census used. The 2012 National Listener Survey. The changes to the CBOnline website. TenFM using google docs and where to find out about other free solutions. Nicola Joseph (CEO of the CMTO) chats about training and her real passion, multi-platform broadcast and production and how to use this to connect with audiences. Licence Renewals - lessons learnt from Radio Skid Row's experience "maybe it's not as bas as you think". Opportunities - volunteer graphic designer needed (aren't they always!) and where to find other positions (paid and volunteer) within the sector. Studio acoustics your thing? Then keep an eye out for the next Technorama.
Published: Fri, 13 Jan 2012 5:10 PM
Duration: 23:57
Download: CBXPOD_03_20120113b.mp3
Title: CBXpod Ep 2
Author: CBAA
Subtitle: A look at what's being discussed in the world of community broadcasting
Summary: Amy, Stephen, John and guest Andrew Cheetham chat about the TweetUp, the Station Census Report, the forums/Drupal set up, RDS and sponsorship implications, Phone Systems and where you can get a copy of Ellie Rennies Life of SYN.
Published: Thu, 22 Dec 2011 12:45 PM
Duration: 13:34
Download: CBXPOD_20111222.mp3
Title: CBXpod Ep 1
Author: CBAA
Subtitle: What is CBXpod about?
Summary: Introduction to CBXpod. A regular wrap up of activities in the community broadcasting sector. This ep covers the CBAA Forums and how to join the discussions taking place, including using Facebook and Twitter
Published: Mon, 5 Dec 2011 2:40 PM
Duration: 12:29
Download: CBXPOD_20111130_Forums.mp3