B-Grade Movies Saved (Or Ruined) My Life

Feed By: Matt Tonks
Subtitle: B Grade Movie Hell!
Summary: Every Sunday at 10pm on Edge Radio 99.3fm join Matt and Steven as they cover many aspects of B grade movies, covering what they are and how we define what is a B grade movie. Reviews and Movies to debate will be posted. if you have a movie you think deserves to be called a B grade let us know and we will rip it apart and see where it falls.
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Title: How B Grade Movies Saved (Or Ruined) My Life
Author: Matt Tonks
Subtitle: Planned Parenting: Breeding In Captivity
Summary: Welcome to a very special episode of the show, this week we have very special guests Director Lucien Simon (Stripped Bare) and Actor Sara Pensalfini (Exit, Pursued by a Bear) joining us to talk about their Tassie film Breeding In Captivity. Sitting down we discussed many aspects about the film and the journey it has taken so far, we also discuss the method that Lucien has moved with to do this movie, and the interesting effects this has has on the writing of the script and journeys of the characters themselves. So make sure you have a listen and then visit the link below to help make this movie happen. www.breedingincaptivity.com.au
Published: Fri, 15 Jul 2011 11:44 AM
Duration: 42:27
Download: Special07.mp3